ADA Towel Grab Bars

Live Well is the leading supplier of towel grab bars in the US. Whether your bathroom needs to be ADA compliant or not, we have what you need to outfit the facility the right way the first time.

These multi function grab bar towel racks are great because not only do they help your patrons or residents stay safe in the restroom. They also serve as a means for hanging your towels, and look incredibly sharp, modern, and classy!

These days, you don’t have to sacrifice elegance while ensuring function and safety. At least, not when you shop here at Live Well! 

What Are Towel Grab Bars?

A towel grab bar serves two main purposes - keeping physically or mentally disabled, or otherwise handicapped users safe while using the restroom, and also serving as a rack to hang towels upon.

However, towel grab bars aren’t just for these specific populations - people use grab bars like these every day, and these should be commonplace in any bathroom. 

Can A Grab Bar Be Used As A Towel Bar?

Some people try to make their existing grab bar a towel rack. Instead of trying to do this, you are better off grabbing a towel rack that functions as a grab bar simultaneously, like the ones here at Live Well!

When you do this, you can rest assured you are using the bar as directed, keeping those who come in contact with it safe all while hanging your towels and livening up the bathroom.

Attempting to use a typical towel rack as a grab bar is another thing we see and hear of many people doing. This is incredibly unsafe, as these towel racks are not designed to support the weight of a person, nor are they anchored into the wall securely. 

You can avoid injury or lawsuit by simply investing in a quality, reliable towel grab rack here at Live Well. Let’s explain what separates our products from the pack.

Why Are Grab Bar Towel Racks By Live Well Different Than The Rest?

You may be under the impression that all grab bar towel racks are the same. However, you’d be mistaken. 

Our products are far superior to the competition not just in terms of quality, but appearance. And as you may have experienced while shopping for these, there are not many that you’d feel great about bringing into your restroom.

However, just taking a quick look at some of the options here at Live Well switches that narrative quickly. These are gorgeous, sharp looking racks that can liven up any bathroom you are designing. Whether it be for a retirement facility, a hotel, restaurant, or anything in between!

But, despite our towel grab racks being the best looking ones you can buy online, we know appearance isn’t everything. Fortunately, these are just as functional as they are attractive. 

They help with fall prevention, and stay secured in the wall. With weight ratings up to 500 pounds in some cases, you can rest assured these will do the job they’re designed to do.

Some of these act not just as a multi-function grab bar AND a towel rack, but they even feature shelves to store additional towels, toiletries, or whatever else you need!

Other Grab Bars We Carry

We don’t just carry grab bars for your towels. We are the leading supplier of all types of grab bars, and can help you outfit any facility that needs it. Here are some of the other options you’ll find here on our website:

We can help you transform your existing bathroom, or outfit a new one, keeping safety top of mind while focusing on elegance and practicality. Nobody else features this wide a range of products, with so many options to choose from.

Does Every Bathroom Need Towel Grab Bars?

While you may feel your bathroom doesn’t actually need any towel grab bars, you may be mistaken. Many are under the impression that only seniors or handicapped folks use these grab bars. 

So, if you’re in the home design game, or you’re building your dream home, maybe you don’t need these grab bar towel racks - right?

Wrong. These are beneficial for any restroom. We carry options that can fit into any type of bathroom, regardless of design. That’s what's so great about shopping at Live Well.

Let’s say you’re designing a home for yourself, or even thinking of one of the elderly people in your life. With these racks, one can confidently live independently, knowing that they’re protected from one of the key “fall risk” zones in the bathroom - hanging your towels.

This can be a sketchy process for anyone with mobility or stability issues - regardless of age. But when these grab racks for towels are installed, you can easily hold onto the bar while hanging towels or replacing them.

Due to the beautiful design of these racks, they can be integrated seamlessly for a combination of safety, design, and independent living!

Other Businesses Or Facilities That Need Towel Grab Bars

Aside from just residential use, these racks have practical applications in a wide array of business bathrooms or facilities.

For example, if you are designing a facility that needs to be ADA compliant, there are certain requirements you’ll need to follow to make sure you get your operation approved, and keep your patrons happy.

Speaking of patrons or residents - even if you aren’t legally required to install grab bar towel racks, they should be present in every restroom to improve the experience of those who visit or shop at your facility.

You will inevitably have patrons that use your restrooms and rely on grab bars like these to maneuver around the bathroom. And if these bars aren’t installed, these groups of people will remember this. It will affect whether they decide to come back in the future or not. 

So, needless to say, these are worth the investment. And at the price point you find them on our website, they are an easy cost to justify!