Grab Bar Installation Could Save Your Clients $30k … Or Their Life

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Did you know that when you install grab bars for your clients, you could be saving them $30,000 or more? Read about recent studies and how your work impacts the customers you serve.

Did you know that when you install grab bars for your clients, you could be saving them $30,000 or more?

According to the CDC, millions of people over the age of 65 are treated in emergency rooms each year due to a fall. And, if they have to stay in the hospital, on average it costs them over $30,000.1

It can be even more important than that. According to a recent report by CBS News, falls are the leading cause of injury and death from injury for older people.2

Approximately 27,000 Americans die each year from falls.

So, as someone who installs grab bars, you provide an important service to your customers and their families. Very important.

There is even more to what you do

Being a grab bar installation company means you are supporting your customers by helping them secure their personal safety, well-being and, yes, even financial situation.

But, you also are helping them be more independent; often to the point of playing a part in them being able to remain at home.

Very personal decisions

Grab bar installation is a big step for some people. It can affect how their home looks, as well as how they feel about themselves and their home.

And, it can be difficult for a person to make the choice, since it also can mean admitting they need help. (Or, they will.)

It’s hard for many people to do and very personal.

How you treat them during this process can affect them in a real way.

For example, are you supportive? Do you affirm their decision by educating them about bathroom safety or other topics that can help them during your installation?

Are you helping them choose the right grab bars for their needs, situation and even style?

Their trust, our thanks

Your customers are literally trusting you with their lives. Their success at home depends in part on your ability to do what is right for them and act in their best interest.

They may not understand what you do at the time; they may never.

But, you do.

How you do what you do and the reasons behind those choices can make all the difference for them.

We want to thank you for being the person they can trust.

At Grabcessories by LiveWell Home Safety, we share your mission to keep people safe and healthy at home. It is at the core of what we do, just as it is for you.

When you keep aging in place in mind while doing an installation, while sharing your knowledge and support, you are helping to make sure they feel at home and are prepared to stay at home.



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