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Live Well is the industry leader when it comes to ADA compliant grab bars. Our selection is second to none, we offer the widest range of products with tons of multi-function options for those seeking practicality.

In terms of appearance, our products are as good as it gets - these decorative grab bars are a perfect addition to any bathroom to provide accent or design.

And, the best part is that many of our products are ADA compliant. Wether you’re outfitting toilets at a restaurant or showers in a gym, we have products to help you cover your assets, while providing the safest experience possible for your customers or patrons.

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What Are Grab Bars?

Grab bars are a means of providing safety to those who may struggle to raise or lower themselves in a bathroom setting.

Whether it be onto/off of the toilet or into/out of the shower - this is a more common struggle than you may realize.

While it may be an experience you personally can relate to, there are so many different groups of people who rely on grab bars on a daily basis. Both physical and mental disabilities can make it extremely difficult to use the restroom, for any purpose.

This is why it’s imperative that you have some installed in your bathroom, whether you are considering buying for a business or residential.

Why Every Bathroom Needs Grab Bars - Business OR Residential

While you may already know that just about every business needs ADA compliant grab bars, you may be unaware of the benefits these can have in your personal restroom in your very own home, too.

We’ll cover exactly why every restroom out there - whether it’s simply a public toilet or a bathroom in a hotel - needs these installed.

ADA Compliant Grab Bars Protect Your Business AND Your Customers & Patrons

When it comes to the bathrooms and showers of businesses or public places, ADA compliant grab bars are absolutely essential. There are two reasons you should invest in these for your operation. The first is obvious - to cover your assets.

Legally speaking, these will protect you from lawsuits from injured customers who fell in the bathroom at your establishment. And oftentimes, you’ll need to adhere to ADA regulations when outfitting your facility. This means you likely won’t even be able to open for business until your grab bars have been installed, and installed correctly for that matter.

But, even without the legality at play, these should be present in every bathroom across the globe.  

Think about the lifetime value of your customers. If one of them were to come in and have a bad experience because you did not accommodate their safety in the restroom, it is unlikely they will return for future business.

This means that by not investing in a grab bar, you lost out on far more revenue in the long run from that customer’s poor experience.

And when you multiply this by the number of upset, inconvenienced customers that walk through your doors on a daily basis, it can be a staggering loss from negligence. But, as we’ll explain now, businesses aren’t the only ones who should install grab bars!

Making The Case For Grab Bars For Residential Use

You may be thinking to yourself, I don’t own a business or have customers or patrons that would regularly use my restroom. I don’t necessarily need one of these, right?

You’d be mistaken, and here is why. If you plan on having guests over at any point while you live in your home, there is a chance one of those fine people will need assistance raising or lowering themselves - even if you don’t realize it. As you now know, not just those in wheelchairs need assistance in the bathroom.

The last thing you want is to offend or frustrate a house guest when they realize you did not plan your bathroom to accommodate their needs. This is more common than you think.

Luckily for you, not all grab bars look like plain, abrasive ones you’ll find in a public restroom at the gas station, for example.

These days, you can outfit the bathrooms in your home with design top of mind. You can even design your bathroom with multi-function safety racks, such as those which act as toilet paper holders, towel racks, shelves, etc. Shopping our wide selection will uncover just how many possibilities you truly have when at Live Well!

What Are The Different ADA Compliant Grab Bars I Need?

Our selection here at Live Well features a diverse range of styles and uses. We offer approved products for the following categories:

Many bathrooms will need a combination of these products, or at the very least, multiple bars for each toilet or shower. Let’s get into the tricky part - how to place them properly.

Where Should Grab Bars Be Placed?

Many of our customers most frequently asked questions after shopping with us is, where should grab bars be placed?

This is perhaps the most important factor to ponder when shopping, as the exact placement will affect which product will work best for you. Let’s take a peek at the ADA regulations for toilets, showers, and tubs.

Grab Bar Placement For Toilets

When it comes to the toilet, you’ll need a couple different grab bars. One will go on the wall behind the toilet.

Many people question the thought process here, asking, “what is the purpose of the grab bar behind the toilet?” But, it actually makes sense. The purpose of the rear wall grab bar is for caretakers helping someone sit or stand.

Both grab bars should be mounted 33” above the floor, as should the side wall grab bar. The purpose of this side wall grab bar is for those in wheelchairs to transfer onto the toilet seat. But, it’s also commonly used to help certain people sit and stand - even without a wheelchair.

When it comes to residential grab bar placement, recommendations are a bit looser. Simply place the grab bar(s) where they would be most beneficial in preventing falls and assisting users.

Grab Bar Placement For Showers & Tubs

The other use of grab bars aside from the toilet is for entering or exiting a shower or bath tub. These are equally important to those in the toilet, and in some cases may be even more important in preventing falls!

In a commercial setting, there are a few different classifications of showers: but in all of these, one thing remains the same: you’ll need two grab bars to remain ADA compliant. One should be on the side wall of the shower, and as long as you can fit in the shower. The second should be by the faucets, to help support one’s weight when adjusting the nozzles.  

Do Grab Bars Need To Be Installed In Studs?

Imagine how awful it would be to grab onto a bar in hopes of safely entering a shower, or lifting yourself off a toilet, only for the bar to fail you and come unattached from the wall.

This is why grab bars need to be installed in studs - so that they remain secure within the confines of their weight standards (typically up to 250lbs of weight must be able to be supported).

If you simply install your grab bar into the drywall, it may come loose with time, and end up defeating the purpose of initially installing it! This leads into another important topic.

Are Suction Or No Drill Grab Bars Safe?

Another question we see all the time is, “Are suction or no drill grab bars safe?”

These are not safe at all, because they don’t truly anchor into the wall - let alone a stud.

These are a recipe for disaster in the restroom, and if you’re going to do the job, you should do it right and install your grab bar into the studs, using a product that is meant to be drilled into the wall.