LiveWell Home Safety knows how, when, where, and why people fall in the bathroom.  The company is excited to introduce their latest 2-in-1 Grab Bars surrounding mirror balance / fall prevention product.



Most activities done at the bathroom sink, whether it's brushing teeth, shaving, applying makeup or inserting contact lenses has us leaning our weight on a smooth and often slippery vanity surface.  This can result in anything from a small slip and injuries to the wrist, arms or head to a greater loss of balance resulting in a more serious fall like a hip fracture.  Grabcessories 2-in-1 Grab Bars Surrounding Mirror eliminates this problem by giving you multiple Rubber Nubby Grips on the back of each bar so you can complete your tasks with confidence.

Rubber Nubby Grips

LiveWell’s beautiful curved bar with angled ends are innovative design elements coordinating seamlessly with the mirror, keeping your bathroom beautiful (rather than institutional looking). Three designer finishes including chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze provide luxurious decor for the most discriminating tastes.  Worried about installation?  It’s easy with the LiveSafe Flanges that allow you to get 3 screws securely into a stud for each flange.  Can’t locate the stud? No worries as there are 4 FREE LiveSafe Anchors in the box.
Wall Anchors
You can view Grabcessories 2-in-1 Grab Bars Surrounding Mirror and our other great products at and purchase a The Home Depot, Houzz, Unbeatable Sale and other internet retailers.