The Grabcessories line of products by LiveWell can be the solution to some of a facility owner or risk manager’s most pressing problems.

Apart from the injury to residents, from a business aspect, falls are costly and add liability to a facility. Grabcessories products protect residents and your bottom line. The cost to outfit a 100-bed facility is less than the facility cost incurred by one fall, estimated at $140,00.

Selecting a care facility is a deeply personal decision and residents want it to be as beautiful and home- like as possible. Our 2-in-1 designs incorporate safety into existing bath accessories for savings, and a sleeker, less cluttered design.

The three designer finishes and sophisticated styling will make your facility stand out against the competition, helping to maintain and increase facility occupancy. Grabcessories products are an outward sign of the quality of your facility and the high standards of resident care they can expect to find in all aspects of your facility.