We have you covered when it comes to a “Fall Prevention System” your clients will appreciate and you will love to install. We know where people fall the most in the bathroom and have designed products to help prevent falls in these “high risk fall zones”: storing & retrieving wet and dry towels, elevating and declining from and to seated position on the commode, standing and turning in front of the shower valve and transitioning from one place to another throughout the bathroom routine.

Installers nationally have recognized Grabcessories as a safe, beautiful, yet affordable “Fall Prevention System” they can repeatedly install with confidence. Grabcessories come with the FREE LiveSafe Mounting System that includes 2 hollow wall anchors and 2 stud mount flanges in every box. Installers all over the U.S. & Canada are choosing Grabcessories as their Decorative Fall Prevention System of Choice. We love our Installer Partners!

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