ADA Shower or Bathtub Grab Bars & Safety Rails

Outfit your facility, building, or residence with the best ada shower grab bars. We also carry grab bars for the bathtub, and can help you remain compliant while providing safety for anyone who uses the restroom. 

Plus, when you buy grab bars at Live Well, you know you are getting a product that’s not just functional, but will actually make your restroom pop! These are super modern, and will liven up any tub or shower that needs one.

What Are ADA Shower Grab Bars?

You may be aware of what grab bars for showers & bathtubs are, as you’ve likely seen them in more than one location. But what exactly is an ADA shower grab bar?

The “ADA” classification represents the Americans with Disabilities Act - which seeks to make the world a better place for those with physical and mental disabilities. Part of this is making the bathtub or shower an easy place to navigate, which is where ADA bathtub grab bars come in!

These are a safety requirement for many bathrooms, but they aren’t the only thing you’ll need if you’re seeking ADA compliance. Luckily, we carry a wide range of grab bars for any aspect of your restroom:

It’s very likely you’ll need more than just one type of grab bar in your facility, so make sure you do your due diligence!

Does Every Shower Or Bathtub Need ADA Grab Bars?

If you are wondering whether you need an ADA grab bar for your shower/tub or if you can use just a standard rack, consider who is going to be using the facility.

If you are a business with showers/tubs for your patrons or residents - such as a retirement home, hotel, gym, etc - you are going to want the ADA bathtub grab bar. But, even residential bathrooms can benefit from installing an ADA approved grab bar for your shower!

You may not have any use for it yourself (at least not yet!), but it is very likely you will eventually have a guest over that will use it. 

If you are a business and you don’t believe you need an ADA shower grab bar, think again! Consider this: if you operate one of the types of businesses we outline above and don’t have these grab bars, you won’t just have to worry about regulations cracking down on you.

Your disabled patrons or customers will be disappointed with your lack of regard for them, and they will inevitably take their business to a place that is outfitted correctly for them.

Where Should Grab Bars Be Placed In A Shower?

Installing ADA shower grab bars may seem like a simple task, and it truly can be! But you can’t just put these anywhere and call it a day - you need to consider where you should place the shower grab bars in accordance with ADA compliance.

Before we explain the exact location in which grab bars should be placed in the shower or bathtub, we need to talk about specifications for the bars or racks themselves!

Specifications For ADA Shower Grab Bars

In order to resist corrosion, we recommend sticking with a stainless steel surface for your shower grab bars. These are obviously going to be wet, and opting for this material will help them stand the test of time.

There are lots of different sizes here at Live Well, but in order to remain compliant, you need to stick with bars that are 1.5” in diameter. As far as specific lengths, here are some guidelines:

  • When installing an ADA shower grab bar vertically, it should be 18” or longer.
  • Conversely, when installing a horizontal grab bar in the bathtub or shower, it should be 32” of length.
  • If you decide to install the grab bar at an angle, ensure you are installing in the studs of the wall. Angled grab bars tend to be 24” by default.

Another important requirement to note is that the space between your shower wall or bathtub wall and the bar itself is at least 1.5”. This will allow even users with the largest of hands to adequately hold onto the bar and use it safely.

Where To Actually Place Grab Bars In A Shower Or Bathtub

When it comes time to actually install your shower or bathtub grab bars, there are some specifics you must adhere to. Most often, you’ll need more than one grab bar in your unit, too.

There should be a grab bar opposite from the faucet, installed vertically. You’ll also need a horizontal grab bar attached to the side wall, and ideally, as long as possible. Install this horizontal bar at a height of 30” above the tub floor.

In some cases, a third shower grab bar is going to be necessary, this one vertical, attached to the faucet end wall near the faucet handles themselves.

Do Suction Shower Grab Bars Work?

Some people try and cut corners, opting for a grab bar that doesn’t need to be installed into the wall via screws, bolts, etc - but rather one that has suction cups on it.

Suction shower grab bars do not work, and they are very unsafe. You should steer clear of this style at all costs. Get the job done right the first time, using ADA shower or bathtub grab bars instead. You should install these directly into the wall of the shower or tub, and that way, you can rest assured the bar isn’t coming off the wall when someone grabs onto it!

What Is The Best Shower Grab Bar?

If you are shopping for these, you may be wondering what is the best shower grab bar? There are tons of options, and a lot of them will work just fine for you.

Nevertheless, the shopping experience may get a bit confusing if you aren’t exactly sure which one is best for you and your shower or tub. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with any of these bars here at Live Well!

We carry the best selection online, and offer tons of ADA bathtub grab bars. If you are looking for specific recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts here and we’ll help you out! Grab your grab bars for the bathtub today.