24 inch Straight Decorative Grab Bar with Capped Ends, Multiple Nubby Rubber Grips and FREE LiveSafe Anchors (2)

Sale price$79.99


Grabcessories beautiful, decorative 24" grab bar is disguised to seamlessly integrate into your bathroom's décor for balance/fall prevention while enhancing independent living. The grab bar has capped ends and rubber nubby grips on the inside of the bars for better support. The non-corrosive stainless steel grab bars come in three finishes: polished Chrome and brushed Nickel. The bar supports up to 500 pounds in wall substrates that support it. MOUNT DADDY Hollow Wall Anchors (2) & LiveSafe Stud Mount Flanges (2) are included to mount the bar anywhere on the wall you desire, into hollow walls/studs.

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