Grabcessories NEW 3-in-1 Arched Grab Bar/Towel Bar/Toilet Paper Holder with EZ Clean Rubber Nubby Grips, FREE MOUNT DADDY™ Hollow Wall Anchors (2) & Stud Mount Hardware

Color: Chrome
Sale price$78.99


This innovative, NEW decorative Grabcessories 3-in-1 Arched Grab Bar with Angled Ends and EZ Clean Rubber Nubby Grips can also be used as a Toilet Paper Holder OR Hand Towel Holder which can be placed on the Vanity wall or any wall.  This product completes the "Grabcessories Fall prevention SYSTEM" offering beauty, safety, optimally functional mobility throughout all of the HIGH-RISK FALL ZONES in the bathroom.  This elegant, 304 stainless steel design piece will not rust, it exceeds the ADA 250 lb weight capacity and meets the ADA 1.25" diameter bar requirement as well as the 1.5" hand clearance requirement from the wall. The stud mount flanges/screws and MOUNT DADDY HOLLOW WALL FASTENERS (2) make installation anywhere you like on the wall.

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