Decorative Grab Bars

If you are looking for decorative grab bars to help spice up the restroom in your small business or residence, look no further than the ones here at Live Well.

We offer the most unique, diverse selection of designer grab bars online, and at the best prices, too. Plus, we offer world class service you won’t find anywhere else!

Our selection includes multi-function options that are disguised as racks, such as towel holders or shelves.

Why Use Decorative Grab Bars?

You may be unsure whether you actually need decorative grab bars or not. We’re here to tell you they are a great investment. Whether you need these for your home bathroom or your office bathroom, you should install these.

They serve as an assistance for those with either physical or mental disabilities, or a combination of both. Certain groups of people struggle to lower or raise themselves onto or off the toilet, or into or out of the shower/bathtub.

It’s not always obvious, and it’s not always disabilities you can see with your eye. There may be people using your restroom right now who could greatly benefit from these, and you’d never know it. 

But make no mistake - they notice who does and doesn’t have these in their bathrooms. If you’re a business without them, you’ll be losing customers who were inconvenienced at your establishment. If you’re considering them for your home restroom, your house guests who need them will remember whether or not you thought of them!

And, who knows - you may not need to use a bar yourself at this time, but if you were to ever injure yourself, or retire in your home, it sure would be nice to have, wouldn’t it?

Let’s talk about specific types of bars you’ll find here at Live Well.

What Are The Different Styles Of Designer Grab Bars?

Here at Live Well, you’ll find designer grab bars that are not just functional and practical - they are classy, elegant, and don’t look anything like what you’d find in most public restrooms!

Instead, we offer the best looking products possible. This allows you to outfit a business or residential restroom without compromising on design. Here are some of the popular collections we carry here:

As you can see, we have a wide assortment of options for you to choose from. You won’t have to settle for a decorative grab bar you don’t truly love when you shop with us!

And, so many of our products are multi-purpose. We offer different styles of grab bars that can hold a toilet paper roll and support the weight of a person.

We even carry some that act as a towel rack, which you’d never even know served as a grab bar unless someone told you. You’ll find models with shelves and racks, too. We even have one model that features a mirror, how cool is that? 

As you can see, outfitting your restroom with designer grab bars at Live Well is a unique, fun experience!

Where Should Decorative Grab Bars Be Placed In A Bathroom?

Many people ask, where should decorative grab bars be placed in a bathroom? This will depend on whether you are trying to meet ADA compliance or not.

If you are, the process is quite complicated, and requires you to be surgical in your placement of the bars. There are specifics in terms of size/materials, placement, height, etc.

Specifications For The Toilet

For example, let’s consider the toilet first. You’ll need two grab bars here - one on the wall behind the toilet and one on the connecting wall closest to the toilet.

In terms of size, the bars should have a diameter of 1.25” thick, and you’ll need 1.5” of space between the bar and the wall you’re mounting it to.

The bars need to be able to support up to 250 pounds of weight, and need to be installed 33” above the floor. There cannot be any objects within 12” above the top of the grab bar, for safety purposes.

Specifications For The Shower & Tub

When it comes to decorative grab bars for the shower and or bathtub, things are a bit different. You still need two grab bars to remain compliant, but the specifics in terms of location will vary depending on categorization of the shower. 

There are roll-in showers, transfer showers, etc, and these all have different regulations. So make sure you do your due diligence!

Should Decorative Grab Bars Be Hung Vertical Or Horizontal?

Many people trying to install decorative grab bars wonder how they should be hung - vertical or horizontal?

Again, this comes down to whether you need to remain ADA compliant or not. If so, consult the specifics for whatever toilet or shower you’re outfitting. It’s likely they’ll just be horizontal, but certain instances will call for a vertical or angled installation!

Are No Drill Designer Grab Bars Safe?

While no drill grab bars are much more simple to install and can be hung quicker, they are not safe. One such example of this is a suction cup grab bar, which simply mounts on your wall by pressing it on.

If these slip when someone tries to support their weight on it, it can spell catastrophic injury. This is the last thing you want to happen. That’s why you won’t find any no drill grab bars here at Live Well - only strong, sturdy choices!